Top 5 Common Macbook Problems & How to Fix ‘Em

A MacBook problem can easily ruin your mood and day. It can to some extent have an impact on your job. MacBook problems are a handful and to learn how to fix them is paramount for every MacBook user.


MacBook problems can be software or hardware related. One needs to learn how to detect the problem.Sometimes you may see an error message, and once this happens, you should take the details of the message immediately. This will help you in trying to figure out what the problem is. If the issue came after installing a given program, then you should try uninstalling it.


Listed below are some of the common MacBook problems.

Slow MacBook performance.


Sometimes you may realize that your MacBook is slow. This means that it will take it longer to load a program or even browse. The first thing that you should do after seeing this problem is restarting your device. Then check how the monitor is behaving. This will enable you to see what is consuming much power and memory of your MacBook and enable you to know how to regulate the power. This is easily done by pressing the command and spacebar at the same time and then typing Activity monitor.


Here you can identify the problems in that if it is a broken program or one that is intensive then it could be responsible for using up too much of the CPU or the memory.

To fix this, you need to go to the specific app that has an issue and quit it from the menu.


WI-FI problems.


Sometimes you may have WiFi problems with your MacBook. It may be losing connections or not connecting at some points.


The first thing you should do is turning off the Wifi by clicking the Wifi icon and then clicking on turn off Wifi. You can then turn it on to see if the issue stops as many times as you can.


Secondly, you can remove the router from power for a short time and then put it back and try if the problem stops.


If the above methods fail to help, you may need to adjust the network you are connected to. It may be from 2.4GHZ to 5GHZ. These two are the common ones in routers. Do this by opening the network preference and then clicking on the Wifi icon and the choosing network preference. Click advanced and then click 5 GHz and move it to the top of the list.

Bluetooth problems.


Sometime you may have an issue with your MacBook not being available or visible to other open Bluetooth networks. At first, you need to try restarting your device and turning the Bluetooth on and off. This will fix simple issues. You should also try to move away from some devices, for instance, an iPhone 6 between the MacBook and the trackpad as it will bring the problem of Bluetooth unavailability.


Charging problems.


If your MacBook refuses to charge first try using another different charger. If the charger is working but still cannot charge your MacBook, try resetting your system management controller (SMC) on your device.


Sound problems.


Sometimes you may be faced with the problem of not having any sound on your MacBook. You need to ensure that: -the volume is on

-headphone connection is okay

– if you use Bluetooth speakers, turning them on and off will be okay.


If this does not work try holding the option button and then clicking on the speaker in the dock. Then select the right sound source. Using a macbook isn’t as easy as knowing¬†when should I plant vegetable seeds indoors.